(DEVIL’S SPAWN) (Innbundet)

Series: Edvard Matre 3


Elisabeth Gulbrandsen og Chris Tvedt

Norwegian title: Djevelens barn
Author: og
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2014
Pages: 336
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Series: Edvard Matre
Serienummer: 3
ISBN/EAN: 9788202453176
Kategori: Mystery and Crime
Overview Djevelens barn

In the first book about crime squad investigator Edvard Matre, Av jord er du kommet, Edvard's sweetheart Victoria killed the man who murdered her friend. Edvard helped her to dispose of the body. At the end of the second book, Den blinde guden, Victoria travelled back to Bergen and confessed to the murder.

Djevelens barn starts with the case against Victoria being dropped due to lack of evidence. Edvard has so far avoided being fired due to his involvement, but he has been transferred to a new department set up to look into cases of missing child asylum seekers. All Edvard wants is to get his old job as a homicide detective back.

One day, a worried young woman comes into his office. A thirteen year old boy has disappeared from the reception where she works and no one seems to care. Against his will, Edvard starts looking into the case, but soon he realises that something is very, very wrong.

In Bergen, Victoria can't live with her guilt. She is obsessed with the idea of finding out the identity of the man she killed. She eventually receives help from recently retired policeman Preben Jordal, who also struggles to put the case from his mind. But finding out more about a murder is not without danger. Just because it's done and buried doesn't mean it's dead…

There is little more to say except to congratulate on a smartly completed work... Superbly exciting and intelligently plotted.’

‘Den blinde guden is Chris Tvedt’s second book about DI Edvard Matre. The first one was good, the second one just as good.’

‘This is a story which accelerates immensely. The tensions built into several storylines are tightened at the same time throughout the 92 brisk chapters. Well plotted, elegantly invented and, definitely, no happy end. This will become a TV series, the only question is how soon.’

Crime fiction with thriller features and multiple tense, slowly unravelling storylines.’

‘Chris Tvedt and Elisabeth Guldbrandsen occasionally write great passages that are fit to be filmed. The heart-breaking opening scene and the videoed account of the robbery hit the reader where it hurts.’

‘Den blinde guden is one of the more believable narratives that have so far emerged out of this autumn’s flow of crime fiction. Believability doesn’t make any less exciting than everybody else’s hunts for serial killers, but rather the opposite.’

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en krimroman av høy standard
Sindre Hovdenakk, VG

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Reviews Djevelens barn

Drivende spenning

"Forfatterne Tvedt og Gulbrandsen har funnet et vellykket litterært par ipolitimannen Edvard Matre og kunstneren Victoria Ravn.(...) en krimromanav høy standard."

Sindre Hovdenakk, VG

"(...) ei intrikat oppbygd historie om vondskap langt utover det ein kan fatte."

Torill Myren, Sunnmørsposten

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Author Elisabeth Gulbrandsen

Chris Tvedt (1954–) is born in Bergen. In addition to law school he has studied Comparative Literature. In 1988 he started practicing as a lawyer, but is now working as a full-time writer. He has written a number of Crime novels; One series about lawyer Mikael Brenne, and another series about the police detective Edvard Matre. He has also written two books in the fantasy Wild Star Trilogy for young readers.

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