Featherfart (Innbundet)

- The three first books in the series


Rune Belsvik

Norwegian title: DUSTEFJERTEN - dei tre første forteljingane - Cappelen Damms Gull
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2009
Pages: 192
Illustrator: Lauenborg, Turi Frantze
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Nynorsk
ISBN/EAN: 9788202309145
Age: 6 - 99
Overview DUSTEFJERTEN - dei tre første forteljingane - Cappelen Damms Gull

The small country by the creek is a place for small happenings and great thoughts - where water in the creek is the fastest there is, and every day life becomes a party whenever something happens. Usually Featherfart (Dustefjerten) throws ploppy stones into the creek and talk to the duckling. The Holesnoop (Holesnusken) chops wood. Bunfarts (Bollefisen) has wet feet, and always dreams about something sweet to eat. The ruskfox (Kavringreven) bakes rusks. Oktava sings her songs and maybe dreams of a really cool theatre. And far into the woods, the mountainhen is warming a stone.

In this book you find the three first books about Sillyfart and his neighbours and friends.

The stories about Dustefjerten are loved by generations of Norwegian children. The books have also been sold to The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Serbia and The Ukraine.

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Reviews DUSTEFJERTEN - dei tre første forteljingane - Cappelen Damms Gull

"I denne «gullboka» er de tre første fortellingene om Dustefjerten og naboene hans samlet. Godt skrevet klassiker!"

Hege Fosser Pedersen, Foreldre & Barn

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Author Rune Belsvik

Rune Belsvik (1956–) is a versatile, highly valued and popular writer of a long line of books for children, youth and adults. He has won numerous awards. He has also created the Dustefjerten (Foolfart) books, which have earned him the Ministry of Cultural Affairs literary award (1994) and the Critics' award (1996).

Kråkejakt (The Crow Hunting), 1990. Sold to Sweden.

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