Before the Magnolia Blooms (Innbundet)

Series: Sommersholm 3


Ann-Christin Gjersøe

Norwegian title: Før magnoliaen blomstrer
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2023
Pages: 304
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Originaltittel: Før magnoliaen blomstrer
Series: Sommersholm
Serienummer: 3
ISBN/EAN: 9788202798819
Kategori: UpLit og Literature and Fiction
Overview Før magnoliaen blomstrer

Sommersholm - A family history spun with a web of lies and secrecy

February 1867

Rose and her mother are visiting the Collett family in Christiania, but the stay is disrupted when Mr Collett dies. He leaves a company in ruins, and Aurelia is welcomed back to Sommersholm. Rose's parents hope that an educational stay in Denmark will help her forget the enchanting groom Torkel. Rose is in despair over being sent away, but soon her reluctance turns to joy.

The mute lacemaker Margerete enters an overwhelming world when she becomes Miss Aurelia Collett's chamber maid. But the trouble of working for the willful Aurelia have a silver lining, when Margaret meets the Collett family's tenant Alex Adler. It is love at first sight, and when she slowly realises Alex may return her feelings she dares dream of a life where she can love, and get love in return.

The relationship between Alise and Birk is still meeting resistance from all sides. Alise's father is heavy with the promise he gave his dying mother: That no one in his family would be romantically involved with an Adler. Estate owner Count Gerhard Adler employs all tricks to prevent his heir from marrying a house maid, and forces Alise to make an impossible choice. Gerhard Adler also guards his dark, bleak family history well.

Before the Magnolia Blooms is the third book in the Sommersholm series, perfect for any fans of Bridgerton.

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