Love (Ukjent)

Series: Følelsesbiblioteket 3


Anna Fiske

Norwegian title: Forelskelse
Binding: Ukjent
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Series: Følelsesbiblioteket
Serienummer: 3
ISBN/EAN: 9788256015672
Overview Forelskelse

A new emotion has been added to Anna Fiske's Feelings Library, and this emotion is perhaps the best or worst of them all—depending on the context of the feeling. Being in love makes your head spin, your heart races and it can be all you can think of! Or it can be devastating, physically painful and cause many, many tears. In this book, Anna Fiske describes how it can feel to love someone, whether it is a mutual love, an unrequited love or a love that has just ended. There are many ways of being in love, and there are many ways for a person to feel and act when in love. Anna Fiske deals with it all with her usual warm and humouristic touch, and explains this complicated feeling in an way that kids will understand and relate to.

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Author Anna Fiske

Anna Fiske (b. 1964) is an award-winning author, illustrator, and cartoonist. She has written and illustrated close to 70 picture books, illustrated books and comic books. She's also illustrated a number of books for other authors. Fiske’s playful and distinctive style, both literary and pictorial, has earned her numerous awards and honours for her works. Several of her books have been published with great success in many countries.

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