GREENER! (Innbundet)

Make, eat and share vegan food from all over the world


Mia Frogner

Norwegian title: Grønnere!
Norwegian subtitle: Lag, smak og del vegansk mat fra hele verden
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2018
Pages: 204
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202565114
Overview Grønnere!
Welcome to a whole world of delicious green food and wonderful green flavours! In her second book Mia Frogner shares over 80 simple and complex vegetarian/vegan recipes and assimilates them into entire meals inspired by and based on various food cultures.

The book is flexible – you can make all the small dishes and offer them as a complete meal or just make some of them for smaller dinners. And why not ask your guests to join in with the prep?

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Author Mia Frogner
Mia Frogner is qualified in literary studies and works as a contents adviser in the creative communications agency Trigger, recently selected as the world's best creative agency. She manages the blog Green Bonanza.

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