Clan of the Horses (Heftet)


Live Bonnevie

Norwegian title: Hestenes klan
Binding: Heftet
Year: 2011
Pages: 448
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202351212
Age: 11 - 18
Overview Hestenes klan

Bonnevie’s debut is a true page-turner whilst remaining a beautiful tribute to nature. It tells the story of a 17-year old girl and a horse, about survival and being torn apart, and of love and finding oneself, in spite of and not because of one’s parents.

Clan of the Horses (Hestenes klan) is a mystical and mythical story about the relationship between humans and animals. Amanda Fivel loves horses. Her father loves gambling. When Amanda wins a competition with her jump racing horse Monty, her father puts a reckless bet on Amanda winning the national championship – in a competition for Icelandic horses! Amanda has absolutely no experience with this breed of horse, let alone competed with one. This is a whole new game, and she has 90 days to get ready.

In her training for the championship Amanda undergoes a coming of age in the true sense of the term. The book reveals how living up to the expectations of others might mean loosing our innate intuition and wisdom. It’s about daring to embark on a search for one’s inner, true voice. And it's about defying those who hold us back, because it has to be done.

Horse Book with new perspectives
With the mix of excitement, knowledge about horses, female spirit and reflection about upbringing, Bonnevie succeeds in challenging the genre of Horse books. Finally!

Clan of the Horses is really new thinking and outstanding in its genre.

Horse book with a message
(...) a ambitious novel, not the least in size. But also when it comes to content and lingual qualities it is an exciting addition that may well bring about a change in a loved genre. If you are not bit by the horse bug before reading this book, I believe that most will want to give riding a try after finishing it.

Self-respect and horse-knowledge
All in all the author should have thanks for a well-composed book with lots of meaning and action.

Grab the mane and hang on for the ride. Not since Anna Sewell penned the riveting pages of Black Beauty in 1877 has the horse's point of view been more faithfully presented. Live Bonnevie's Clan of the Horses carries the reader swiftly over one obstacle after another in this rugged, compelling story of a young woman's trip to maturity.
Leslie Desmond, USA, Author/Horse Trainer/International Clinician

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