Hilda Bumblevik and The People Who Disappeared (Innbundet)

Series: Hilda Humlevik 1


Irmelin Persdatter Gustavsen

Norwegian title: Hilda Humlevik og folka som forsvant
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2022
Pages: 304
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Originaltittel: Hilda Humlevik og folka som forsvant
Series: Hilda Humlevik
Serienummer: 1
ISBN/EAN: 9788202733636
Kategori: Children's Books
Age: 9 - 12
Overview Hilda Humlevik og folka som forsvant

Hilda Bumblevik’s life is turned upside down when a sleazy man with bad intentions captures her mother’s heart. Instead of going on an awesome summer holiday they have to move to the town of Søderdal where Hilda soon notices that everything isn’t as it should be. Who is the pale man on the stairs outside the abandoned sanatorium? Why are the teachers at school so peculiar? And what is her stepfather Timian really hiding in the attic of their new house in Coffin Street?

Hilda Bumblevik and The People Who Disappeared is an impressive debut novel and coming-of-age-story, full of suspense, mystery, and humour.


A smashing debut
What a universe of delightful characters. What a universe of humour, horror, excitement and drama. What a debut. Prepare to bite your nails, grin and laugh. Hilda Bumblevik will have you hooked in no time.
Fredriksstad blad

Pageturner for young readers
(…) a very entertaining debut, and a gift for any school librarian or bookseller looking for new fodder to hungry readers. Gustavsen keeps the excitement high, and keeps the reader in the dark just long enough so they’ll keep wanting more. There’s never a dull moment.

Thrilling horror
It's a joy to read this book. Also for a grown-up! Gustavsen has a way with words and a linguistic excess that you can just sit back and enjoy. While the complications and mysteries pile up, Hilda opens up little pockets of air and humour with her absent-minded digressions.

Confident thriller
The debut is characterised by warm humour, excitement and surprising horror.

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Reviews Hilda Humlevik og folka som forsvant

En knalldebut 14.09.2022

For et univers av herlige personer. For et univers av humor, uhygge, spenning og dramatikk. For en debut. Forbered deg på å bite negler, flire og le. Hilda Humlevik får deg fort hekta.

Anette Torjusen, Fredriksstad Blad

Pageturner for unge lesere 29.08.2022

Hilda Humlevik og folka som forsvant er en svært underholdende debut, og en gave til alle skolebibliotekarer og bokhandlere, som endelig har nytt fôr til hungrige bokslukere.
Hilda Humlevik og folka som forsvant er perfekt fôr til hungrige bokslukere.

Gustavsen holder spenningen oppe, og lar leseren sitte på pinebenken akkurat lenge nok til at man bare vil ha mer. Det er aldri et kjedelig øyeblikk.

Nora Steenberg, BOK365

Skrekkblandet fryd 29.10.2022

«Det er en glede å lese denne boka. Også for en voksen!»

«Hilda er venninnen alle lesere vil ønske at de hadde. Hun har en helt særegen, smått sarkastisk og klumsete-kul stemme som bærer hele boka. På en gullpute.»

Silje Bekeng-Flemmen, Klassekampen

Høstens debutanter: Stilsikre grøss 11.10.2022

«Debuten kjennetegnes av lun humor, spenning og overraskende grøss.»

Egon Låstad, Periskop.no

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Author Irmelin Persdatter Gustavsen

Irmelin Persdatter Gustavsen (born 1989) has studied drama and theatre and is finishing a master’s degree in Children’s and Young Adult Writing at NBI in Norway in 2022. Hilda Bumblevik and The People Who Disappeared is her debut novel.

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