What happened to you? (Innbundet)


Jenny Jordahl

Norwegian title: Hva skjedde egentlig med deg?
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2020
Pages: 216
Illustrator: Jordahl, Jenny
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202615901
Kategori: Children's Booksn
Age: 9 - 12
Overview Hva skjedde egentlig med deg?

Janne isn’t like the rest of her family. That’s what Grandma says. The others are slim, while Janne is big. What happened to her, really? Grandma isn’t the only one who comments on Janne’s appearance. People at school do too. Janne is comfort eating and cutting herself off from others, but suddenly her parents suggest a solution to the problem: She’ll get 100 kroner for every kilo she loses. Janne goes along with the agreement and slowly but surely, she gets smaller. But does she get any happier? And does it solve her real problems?

What Happened to You? is a powerful, brave and thought-provoking graphic novel about friendship, being an outsider and living with eating disorders. Jenny Jordahl (best know as the illustrator of the international bestseller Women in Battle) delivers an important and absorbing story for children and young people aged 9 and older.


The Brage Prize Jury said: The winner of the category Children’s and Young Adult Literature addresses serious issues which leave an impression on the reader. Yet the book is easy to read and shows great concern for – and confidence in – its young readers. This year’s winning entry is an important work that engages the reader through different techniques: The succinct dialogue between the characters is illustrated with vivid drawings, and it is intense in both form and content. Clear use of colour, non-verbal features and the visual representation of the central character’s inner life all contribute to enhancing her range of emotions.

The winner of this year’s prize is an established writer and illustrator with a book that lets us get close to a child with an eating disorder. Congratulations to Jenny Jordahl for winning the Brage Prize for her graphic novel: What Happened to You?


Strong as well as entertaining book on a difficult subject.

This book can be used as a starting point for important talks both at school and at home.

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Reviews Hva skjedde egentlig med deg?

Klokt om fedme hos barn 26.11.2020

Fortjener oppmerksomhet og lesere i alle aldre.

Kristine Isaksen, VG

Sterkt og underholdende om vanskelig tema 03.10.2020

«Overbevisende soloalbum.»

«I Hva skjedde egentlig med deg? beviser Jordahl at hun ikke trenger noen manusforfatter for å skrive spennende historier. Hun er blant våre ledende serieskapere også når hun går solo.»

«…denne boken er ikke bare viktig. Den er også genuint underholdende.»

Erle Marie Sørheim, Aftenposten


"Jenny Jordahl har laget en flott tegneserie om spiseforstyrrelser for barn og unge!"

"... en psykologisk presis tegneserie om vennskap, utenforskap og om å spise for mye, slanke seg, spise for lite og miste kontrollen."

"Jenny Jordahls bok bør leses, spres, likes og deles."

Finn Skårderud, Facebook / Villa Sult

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