I Love Sun (Innbundet)


Päivi Laakso

Norwegian title: Jeg elsker sol
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2001
Pages: 158
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202202187
Overview Jeg elsker sol

In short, sharp images the writer draws up the image of a childhood in the north of Finland; a childhood closely connected to family, the landscape and the animals. Wild, burlesque and with great humour the writer tells what feels authentically Finnish.

If I was a kangaroo.
I could have been a gipsy or a sami.
I want to be a nun and travel to Africa. There I can live with the black natives in the rain forest, swim all year round and play with monkeys.
I draw gipsy girls with black or red curls and with blue, brown or green eyes. I fill a sheat of paper with girls from Africa, America and China.
Mother and Father had plans to move to Australia. Father had second thoughts at the last minute.
We stayed at home in Halmetie 2 in Palosaari, Tornio.

I Love Sun is Päivi Laaksos literary debut, and it consists of short stories about a childhood in the north of Finland, characterized by unsentimental and direct persons shaped by inhospitable nature.

"Risky in form, but as a whole a nice and different read."

"Laaksos stories make up a liberating and different edition to contemporary literature, dominated by the story about the fragmented family."

"A good debut that stays grounded in both shape and content."

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Reviews Jeg elsker sol

"Et godt debutarbeid som holder seg til det nøkterne i både form og innhold."

Anne Lise Jomisko, Dagbladet

"Laaksos fortellinger utgjør et befriende og annerledes innslag i en samtidslitteratur der det er beretningen om den fragmenterte familien som dominerer"

Elisabeth Solberg, Dagsavisen

"Risikabel form, men som helhet gir dette en fin og annerledes leseropplevelse."

Terje Stemland, Aftenposten

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Author Päivi Laakso

Päivi M. Laakso (1967–) is from Tornio in Finland but lives and works in Norway. She published her debut in 2001, the novel I love Sun (Jeg elsker sol), and has since written two more novels. She is also a reknowned artist, and has had several exhibitions in later years.

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