Creativity (Innbundet)

The Science behind the ideas - and why daydreaming will save the world


Hilde Østby

Norwegian title: Kreativitet
Norwegian subtitle: Hjernevitenskapen bak ideene og hvorfor dagdrømmerne skal redde verden
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2020
Pages: 304
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202635510
Overview Kreativitet

Creativity has in the last century been linked primarily to artists with a relaxed relationship to alcohol, fun STD´s and a wild and extroverted way of life. But what is creativity, really? What drives creativity, and how can we all learn how to be more creative?

There are more than enough books that would like to give you the instructions on how to be creative. This is not that type of book. Creativity is a book that combines brand new brain research on creativity, the cultural history of creativity and an analysis on society, as well as the experience of a number of creative people. It is a narrative exploration of creativity, as well as a criticism of society. It is a counterpart to a society that wants to measure everything, where everyone feels the pressure to perform and become a celebrity.

With this book the author tries to make messing about, boredom and trying and failure the new gold standard: Because when AI and the climate crisis arrives, we will have to be very creative! And creativity lives in a very strange place, what the researchers call DMN, also known as daydreaming.

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Reviews Kreativitet

Med utsikt fra Saturn 22.05.2020

«Kva har Woolf og Oskeladden med kvarandre å gjere? Hilde Østby gir meining til eit hav av nye koplingar i "Kreativitet", ved å trekke på hjernevitskap og kreative menneskes erfaringar.»

Ida Hove Solberg, BLA Bokvennen Litterær Avis

Sjarmprosa 09.05.2020

Hilde Østby har levert velkomponert og særs underhaldande populærvitskap.

Ei medviten utporsjonering av detaljane i den personlege historia og slagferdige replikkar levandegjer dei teoretiske innsiktene. Resultatet er både velkomponert og særs underhaldande!Merete Røsvik, Klassekampen

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Author Hilde Østby

Hilde Østby (b. 1975) is a historian of ideas, author, journalist and former publishing editor. She made her debut as an author in 2013 with the critically acclaimed novel Encyclopedia of Longing. After that she went on to write the international non-fiction bestseller Adventures in Memory (2016) with her sister Ylva Østby.

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