Krø (Innbundet)


Didrik Morits Hallstrøm

Norwegian title: Krø
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2014
Pages: 216
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202451721
Overview Krø

Krø is a neo-gothic horror novel about Adam, an orphan exjunkie with a family, permanent job and White World – a selfdeveloped 3D programme he can hide inside when life gets tough. One day Adam receives a letter. His grandfather, Ingvald, is at death's door and wants him to travel to Krø, a windswept island off the west coast. Adam travels from the safety of Oslo to this godforsaken island against his will.

Adam discovers that Krø plays host to more than loneliness and a broken family. Why are the locals so hostile? What's behind the secret door in the basement? Who is the figure constantly
pursuing him in White World? Soon Adam faces the greatest question of all: how far are you willing to go to save the ones you love?

‘Insidious thriller about a city boy who travels to the windswept west coast. Everyday lives from the pen of a dark, gothic creator of universes.’

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Reviews Krø

Norsk grøsser 15.04.2019

«En knallbra norsk grøsser fra en forfatter som også har dyppet tærne i science fiction-sjangeren med boka Lysår fra 2017.»

Anders Aasheim, Romerikes Blad

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Author Didrik Morits Hallstrøm

Didrik Morits Hallstrøm (1984) was born in Oslo, and is an Art Director educated at The Westerdals School of Communication. His debut You are not dead until I stop loving you (2011) was well received by both the critics and the readers. He has since written several novels.

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