Happiness (Ukjent)

The Feelings Library

Series: Følelsesbiblioteket 7


Anna Fiske

Norwegian title: Lykke
Norwegian subtitle: Følelsesbiblioteket
Binding: Ukjent
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Originaltittel: Lykke
Series: Følelsesbiblioteket
Serienummer: 7
ISBN/EAN: 9788256018574
Overview Lykke

Happiness is to begin with a good feeling. But envisioned by Anna Fiske happiness has many angles: there is travel happiness, cake happiness, friendship happiness, art happiness and work happiness. Happiness can be to give or to receive, it can be long and short and there is hard happiness and soft happiness. Fiske also give a more nuanced picture of happiness by contrasting it with it´s counterparts and showing it´s fleeting nature: To be happy all the time is impossible.
The Feelings Library is a series of illustrated books with very little or simple text. Through words and illustration each book illustrates a recognizable feeling, and give the reader the possibility to evolve a consciousness about and a language to describe some of the most complex things that is going on in human emotions.

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Author Anna Fiske

Anna Fiske (b. 1964) is an award-winning author, illustrator, and cartoonist. She has written and illustrated close to 70 picture books, illustrated books and comic books. She's also illustrated a number of books for other authors. Fiske’s playful and distinctive style, both literary and pictorial, has earned her numerous awards and honours for her works. Several of her books have been published with great success in many countries.

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