The Bellboy´s Luggage (Innbundet)

- Three Stories


Lars Saabye Christensen

Norwegian title: Pikkoloens bagasje
Norwegian subtitle: Tre fortellinger
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2022
Pages: 640
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202763756
Kategori: Literature and Fiction
Overview Pikkoloens bagasje

In The Bellboy's Luggage - Three Stories we venture into three different literary universes. Still, the narratives are connected through the author's unmistakable style and his topics of choice. Here we meet known and loved themes and artifacts from Saabye Christensen's repertoire, stories characterized by an author with great confidence in his own material. An author that dares to venture outside the frames of both novel and short story - without letting go of the joy and power of storytelling.

Wild Wine, Polaroid and Used can be read as three unique stories. But they also form a triptych whose body consists of the Saabyean in itself. In these stories we find that the streets of Oslo and the characters at the outskirts of great events come into clearer view than ever before.

The Bellboy's Luggage is a gift to anyone who has ever been excited about the writing of Lars Saabye Christensen.

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Reviews Pikkoloens bagasje

Et av årets litterære høydepunkt 11.09.2022

«Jeg blir aldri skuffet av Lars Saabye Christensen.»

«tre frydefulle, lettleste og gledelige fortellinger, noe av det beste Saabye har skrevet i kortformat.»

«Jeg gir Saabye terningkast 6 for denne og hadde gitt høyere om det var mulig.»

Simen Ingemundsen, Randaberg 24

Det er bedre å være sannferdig enn original 27.09.2022

«... tre fortellinger, som hver for seg kunne vært en roman, i en og samme bok»

«... en oppvisning i medrivende dikterkunst»

Steinar Sivertsen, Stavanger Aftenblad

Melankolsk magi 01.09.2022

«... på sitt beste helt nydelig»

Ole Jacob Hoel, Adresseavisen

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Author Lars Saabye Christensen

Lars Saabye Christensen (1953–) has published a number of novels, poetry and short story collections since his literary debut in 1976 with The Story of Gly. His breakthrough came with Beatles (1984), one of the greatest literary sales successes in Norway that, over the years, new generations continue to hold close to their hearts. The author received the Nordic Council Literature Prize for The Half Brother in 2001.

He has also received the Riverton Prize, the Critics' Prize, the Brage Prize, the Norwegian Booksellers' Prize, the Dobloug Prize and the Norwegian Reader's Prize. The author has been published in 36 countries.

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