Spiritual (Innbundet)

A Handbook on the Journey to the Inexplicable


Kari Opsal

Norwegian title: Spirituell
Norwegian subtitle: En håndbok på reisen til det uforklarlige
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2024
Pages: 130
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202823900
Kategori: Self Help
Overview Spirituell

Spiritual – A Handbook on the Journey to the Inexplicable will help you live a more spiritual life. Author Kari Opsal is a clairvoyant who shared her own experiences, practical methods and techniques and shows you tools to better get in touch with your inner voice and intuition. through the many practical exercised in the book you will develop and become more familiar with your spiritual abilities. The book teaches you different spiritual phenomenona, how to read auras and how to get in touch with the other side.

Being open and curious can add new dimensions to your life, where there is space for both big, inexplicable miracles and lesser, everyday magic. Why are you here? Is there a path for you that's more right than other in this life? Are we all connected? The book helps you find answers.

Spiritual – A Handbook on the Journey to the Inexplicable can be read front to back, or be used as an encyclopaedia to dive into the themes that interest you.

A world of energy and magical wonder awaits you. Have a good journey!

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Author Kari Opsal

Kari Opsal has worked as a clairvoyant for many years. Through courses, intuitive guidance and social media, she helps others find meaning and direction in life, and to develop their own spiritual powers. Spiritual is her first book.

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