Wolf Heart (Innbundet)

Apefjes 2

Series: Apefjes 2


Tor Erling Naas

Norwegian title: Ulvehjerte
Norwegian subtitle: Apefjes 2
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2013
Pages: 232
Illustrator: Lilleeng, Sigbjørn
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Serienummer: 2
ISBN/EAN: 9788202378196
Age: 12 - 16
Overview Ulvehjerte

A follow-up to the exciting story of Martin and his special monkey skills.

Shipowner Ludwigsen attempts to shoot Martin with his elephant rifle, but blunders. With Lily's help, Martin manages to escape and vows to himself that he will forget all about his special powers. The monkey faces have disappeared from Oslo buildings, and the newly elected chair of the city government, Britt Børretzen, takes the credit.

Martin is happy that things are all over. He falls in love with a girl in his class, Oda, and they become friends. All the while, he avoids Lily. Then one day, a monkey face appears once again. Martin knows that he is not responsible for the new tag. He decides to find the culprit, but Oslo is no longer deserted at night. There is evidence to suggest there has been a wolf on the city streets. Evidence of a long-extinct breed of wolves.

Apefjes 2: Ulvehjerte is a neat combination of both novel and comic book. It is a thrilling tale that takes the reader deep into Martin's innermost thoughts, high atop skyscrapers and into the darkest leagues of criminals.’

‘’Ulvehjerte is the second volume in a trilogy of graphic novels for young people. The first volume is called Apefjes and, once you started reading, was almost impossible to put down. Ulvehjerte follows it up with a gripping mixture of written dairy notes and drawn episodes. Tor Erling Naas, who has written the text, already has his name on several published works, all highly praised by the critics, while the illustrator Sigbjørn Lilleeng has won many Norwegian prizes for comic strip series. Between the two of them, they have created a very thrilling novel, a good read for adults even though, in the first instance, it is aimed at 12-16-year-olds.’

‘There is plenty of opportunity for teenagers to recognise themselves in Martin’s human thoughts and feelings. Simultaneously, the alien forces inside him push him towards fantasising about being a superman with a decisive role to play in the world.’

‘The second book in the young adult series Apefjes is just as cool as the first.(…) Just like in the first book, the language is good and youthful without seeming strained, and Naas shows that he is just as good with timing and unforeseen events in writing as his comics.(…) The comic book parts which Lilleeng is responsible for are full of details and exciting perspectives (…) If duo Naas and Lilleeng manage to pull all these threads together, we’ll have a new and innovation young adult classic on the cards.’

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Reviews Ulvehjerte

Dyrisk moro

"Andre bok i ungdomsserien Apefjes er like kul som eneren.(...) Språket er som i eneren godt og ungdommelig uten å virke anstrengt, og Naas viser at han er like god på timing og uforutsette hendelser i skrift som i strek.(...) Tegneseriedelene som Lilleeng er ansvarlig for er fulle av detaljer og spennende perspektiver (...) hvis tospannet Naas og Lillelien klarer å dra alle disse trådene i land har vi med en ny og innovativ ungdomsklassiker å gjøre."

Erle Marie Sørheim, Dagbladet

Bra for ungdom, bra for voksne

"Ulvehjerte en ungdomstegneserieroman og annen del i en trilogi. Første del, Apefjes, var nesten umulig å legge fra seg. Ulvehjerte følger opp med en medrivende miks av skrevne dagboksnotater og tegnede episoder. Tor Erling Naas, som har skrevet manus, har flere kritikerroste utgivelser bak seg, mens Sigbjørn Lilleeng, som tegner, har bl.a. vunnet flere norske tegneseriepriser. Sammen har de laget en spennende roman, som, selv om den fremst er myntet på 12-16-åringer, også passer for voksne."

Harald Fossberg, Aftenposten

Apestreker og mystiske ulvetildragelser

"For tenåringsleserne vil det i stor grad være rom for å kjenne seg igjen i Martins menneskelige sider og tanker. Samtidig bidrar de fremmede kreftene i ham til å gi rom for å drømme seg bort i fantasier om å være et supermenneske med en avgjørende rolle i verden."

Cecilie Wiik, Barnebokkritikk.no

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