Yoko Ono is a charlatan (Innbundet)

Blogger og betraktninger


Ingvar Ambjørnsen

Norwegian title: Yoko Ono er en sjarlatan
Norwegian subtitle: Blogger og betraktninger
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2020
Pages: 240
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202681302
Kategori: Literature and Fiction
Overview Yoko Ono er en sjarlatan

In a basement apartment, in the house of the widow Annelore Frimann-Clausen in Grefsen, Elling is blogging. "Why start blogging - now?" he asks himself. "Because life is short, and I have already started moving into the age of dust."

Elling writes about anything that falls into mind; his favorite foods from when he was growing up, about where on earth people come from, things from the news and memories of his mother. He writes about gardening, bacon and sauce, about life in the small basement apartment. But he also has stron opinions about a lot of things. Amongst others Yoko Ono.

Yoko Ono is a Charlatan is a collection of texts written in the years between 2013 and 2020. Some of the texts has been a part of Ambjørnsen´s successful tours. Others have been published on the Facebook-page Elling-nytt and on the Cappelen Damm Blog.

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Reviews Yoko Ono er en sjarlatan

Savner Kjell Bjarne, men liker godt den nye Elling-boka 21.10.2020

«Tekstene her er umiskjennelig båret av Ellings stemme. Lune, underfundige og tidvis såre.»

Finn Stenstad, Tønsberg Blad

Elling - den nye sjefsbloggeren 01.10.2020

Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen

På grensen av galskap 26.09.2020

«Ellings blogger er geniale og banale på samme tid.»

«Noen av historiene tar helt av og vokser til stor komedie.»

Jon Rognlien, Dagbladet

Utmerket Elling! 23.09.2020

«Ingvar Ambjørnsens nye Elling-bok er et bærbart overflødighetshorn av innfall og snurrige betraktninger.»

«(...) en samling tekster som er formidlet med et stort overskudd.»

«Mens vi venter på at Ambjørnsen skal få prokrastinert ut den neste romanen om Elling, er dette utmerket lesning på venterommet.»

Ola Hegdal, VG

Kan noen nominere Elling til en blogg-pris? 26.09.2020

«Skyhøy underholdningsverdi»

«Bloggeren Elling i ellevill og sorgmunter utfoldelse er en veldig god idé.»

Ambjørnsen har et helt spesielt håndlag når han beskriver Ellings minner om moren. Noen av scenene er så sterke og rø-rende at de får frem tårene«Noen av scenene er så sterke og rørende at de får frem tårene.»

«Det er ingen grunn til å stoppe nå!»

Mari Grydeland, Aftenposten

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Author Ingvar Ambjørnsen

Ingvar Ambjørnsen (b. 1956) is considered to be one of the great storytellers of contemporary Norwegian literature. Since his literary début in 1981, Ambjørnsen has written twentyfour novels and three collections of short stories, as well as essay collections and several books for children and youth. He has won a number of awards, including the Riverton Prize, the Brage Award, the Booksellers’ Award and the Riksmål Prize. His works are sold to ... countries. Many of them have been adapted into films with great success. The movie Elling, based on Ambjørnsen’s novels Fugledansen and Brødre i blodet, was nominated to an Oscar in 2001, and Elling the theatre play has appeared on stage in several theatres around Europe to great acclaim.

Ambjørnsen’s books are often characterized by powerful, realistic descriptions of the seamier side of life. The protagonists tend to be outsiders – described with sympathetic insight and warmth. Loneliness and friendship are expressed in a concise literary style. His break-through novel from 1986, Hvite niggere (White Trash), is an excellent example of this. It is a crass exposure of the plight of that unfortunate soul seeking out an existence in sub-cultures.

Still, most readers will know Ambjørnsen’s work through a quartet of novels about the odd-ball Elling. Utsikt til paradiset (A Vision of Paradise) from 1993, Fugledansen (The Chicken Dance) from 1995, Brødre i blodet (Beyond the Great Indoors) from 1996 and Elsk meg i morgen (Love Me Tomorrow) from 1999 established Ambjørnsen as one of the most widely read Norwegian authors in the past few decades, with half a million copies in print. Ambjørnsen introduced something entirely new with this quartet. The books contain less external plot, but proportionately more crazy inventiveness and absurd, gentle humour. The novels depict the loneliness of their protagonist – and the dream of friendship and romantic love. It is an entertaining, thought-provoking read. Some reviewers has called Elling “the Norwegian Forest Gump”.

The Cappelen Prize 1988.
The City of Hamburg Grant.
The City of Lübeck Grant.
The best book for Young Readers of the 1980's for Døden på Oslo S (Death in Oslo Central Station) 1991.
The Brage Prize 1995 for Fugledansen (The Bird Dance).
The Booksellers' Prize 1996 for Brødre i blodet (Beyond the Great Indoors).
Oslo City Cultural Prize 2001.
Anders Jahre's Cultural Prize 2004.
The Salvation Army's Booth Prize 2004.

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