We are thrilled to present this spring's selected titles from NORLA.

Superuser by Kjersti Halvorsen

Unn Eide is in her thirties and leads a solitary existence. She recently returned to work after a string of scandals at the hospital’s outpatient clinic where she worked as a psychologist. Given another chance, Unn has been asked to be the superuser for the AI therapist Gro, who offers digital counselling sessions. Cutting edge technology, with the purpose of streamlining services for ailing patients.

During superuser training, Unn meets Torjus, a doctor who, like Unn, has been reassigned after a video went viral of him fighting in a wrestling ring in a full doctor’s costume. His alter ego is Dr. Dropdead. Both Unn and Torjus are captivated by the new technology, and, most importantly, by each other. But Torjus is already in a relationship.

Lacking connection with real people, Unn turns to Gro, who provides her with questionable advice. Is she starting to lose herself again? Where can she turn for support when the ground beneath her is shifting? And what happens when Unn becomes too attached to the artificial therapist?

Kjersti Halvorsen is a prominent voice of a generation. Superuser is her third novel.


Before they disappear by Birger Emanuelsen

Are our children small wonders and mysteries or just stepping stones to adulthood? How have we perceived and treated children throughout history? And how can we get closer to our own children before they grow up?

Birger Emanuelsen investigates and explores our perceptions of children. Through a wealth of sources, he writes about the value and importance of children, how we decide how to treat them, and what it really means to be a parent.

Before they dieappear is a well-informed documentary novel about the responsibility parents have to prepare their children for the world, and how they can approach doing this. But it is also an up close and personal tale about one of the most fundamental questions of life: What is a child?


The Ghost Station by Anne Elvedal, illustrated by Hedda Kverndalen

Billie and her family move from the capital to a remote, coastal town. The only available house is a closed-down train station, where no one has lived for years. At first, they love it, but it's not long before weird things start to happen. Billie can hear strange sounds in the house, things move around in the middle of the night, and there's a rumour that people have gone insane from living there...

Billie has to start a new school, and finds it difficult to make new friends. Luckily, she meets Rasmus, a mysterious boy who challenges her to try new things, and they become close friends. Billie confides in Rasmus, and together they start to investigate what happens at the station. Who is whistling on the other side of Billie's wall? Why is the forest around the station named the Mourning Forest? And isn't there something a bit strange about Rasmus?

The Ghost Station is the first book in a paranormal middle grade trilogy.