Gry Hammer has one of the most popular food blogs of Norway, and has written two bestselling books about sustainable food and living. She is the absolute guru of slow food and slow living in Norway, and soon her book Broth and other strengthening foods will be launched!

This is what the jury of MATPRISEN had to say about awarding Gry Hammer with Blogger of the year 2017:

This years Blogger of the year tells us that slow food combined with slow living brings fast minds and healthy hearts. She is filled with principal, but helpful and really reaching into the homes of thousands. Gry Hammer is an excellent example of a person being able to spread her beliefs and values on the World Wide Web without being an Internet troll or tend to banalities, but rather be humble and knowledgeable.

That good food needs good time is a premise in both the field and at the kitchen counter, and it can never be said enough times. Gry Hammers blog Fra jord til bord (From Earth to Table) is a solid channel for these values, and it reaches far and wide with it´s integrity, passion and knowledge. In todays flood of information the blog is unique, being credible and well worked through.

Gry Hammer always defends her belief in a humble way, never swaying from her principles. Like she says it herself: “There is a whole in sustainability that consist of social welfare, economic durability and the managing our nature and environment. And at the centre of it all we have the food, the meal and the ingredients.” Gry Hammer inspires to both ”slow food” and ”slow living”, and the jury finds her blog to be an important input in the society of today.


Read more about what Gry Hammer had to say about receiving the award on her blog (in Norwegian).