Broth and other strengthening foods (Innbundet)

Bouillons, soups and candy made out of broth, gelatine and collagen


Gry Hammer

Norwegian title: Kraft og andre styrkedrikker
Norwegian subtitle: Buljonger, supper og snop av kraft, gelatin og kollagen
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2018
Pages: 160
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202557959
Kategori: Cook Books og Self Help
Overview Kraft og andre styrkedrikker

Do you dream of good health, a well functioning digestion, resilient skin and shiny hair? With broth in your diet, the dream can come true.

In Broth and other strengthening foods you get everything about the good and health bringing broth and 50 recipes for things like bouillion, toddies, soups, tonics and smoothies - as well as the bonus of recipes for candy and desserts!

"One of the best things I know is to have a cup of warm bouillion at night. It calms my muscles and gives me good sleep" says Gry Hammer herself.

Gry Hammer will teach you to make the basic broths made from bones and leftovers from meat, poultry and fish, enriched with vegetables and herbs. Gelatinous broth is naturally strengthening, and the health benefits are many. Broth is anti-inflamatory, stimulates the digestion, strengthens the immune system, our skeleton and all the joints, betters our sleep quality and is to put it shortly the best anti-aging remedy you can get as it builds the connective tissue from the inside out.

Making broth is trendy, traditional and sustainable. Broth is the super food of the intestines!

Gry Hammer is the author of several books about cooking and health. She is a food enthusiast, a life artist, blogger, yoga teacher and the Norwegian guru for fermenting and making broth. She is passionately holistic and known for her sharp pen and inspiring lectures, classes and online-tutorials. You find her at and the blog

In 2017 the jury of Matprisen named Gry Hammer Blogger of the year!

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Author Gry Hammer

Gry Hammer is enthusiastic about food. She is a blogger, a writer and a guru on fermented food and broth. She lectures and runs courses on fermentation and traditional food culture and was awarded the prestigious food prize Matprisen 2017 as the best blogger. She is mother of four children and lives on the Røyse Peninsula in Ringerike.

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