Annicken R. Day
© Foto: Horacio Aboroa

Annicken R. Day

Annicken R. Day has worked with corporate culture for more than 20 years, i.e. as President of Culture at Norwegian Tandberg, and Cisco. Since 2012, she has been running her own company, Corporate Spring, where she leads her team in helping leaders and teams all over the world in building great places of employments and engaged corporate cultures. She is also a globally renowned public speaker, having written articles for Huffington Post and Business Insider, and co-authored the book Creative Superpowers.

Her first novel, Fly, Butterfly, is a story that in many ways reflect Annicken's own experiences, philosophy of life and personal choices: Choosing the heart over the head, trust over fear, and keeping the courage to live one's own life on one's own terms.

When Annicken is not travelling, she splits her time between Norway and California.


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«En veldig søt og sjarmerende historie som også har en fin dose med romantikk. (...) Denne anbefaler jeg gjerne videre.»

«Historien gir rom til å drømme seg litt vekk fra en masete hverdag, og jeg kjenner at noen uker på Hawaii, det kunne jeg godt ha tenkt meg! Lettlest historie med et fint og flytende språk.»

Anne Lise Johannessen, Hverdagsnett.noFly, sommerfugl