Hanna Bjørgaas
© Foto: Åsmund Holien Mo

Hanna Bjørgaas

Hanna Bjørgaas (b. 1986) holds an MA in biology from the University of Oslo and additional education in outdoor life. With her competence from biology’s traditional disciplines, such as botany and ornithology, she works with communication and interdisciplinary collaborations, for instance with architects and artist.
Bjørgaas has a wide and varied experience in conveying the joy of nature to others. She has worked as a tourist guide in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. She has held several field courses and guided trips focusing on plants, fungi and lichen for institutions and organisations such as the University of Oslo and the Norwegian collective organization for biodiversity. She has also worked with small-scale farmers in Brazil, written several pop-science articles, and contributed to arrange conferences on ecology and farming. Biology has become more of an obsession than a vocation for Bjørgaas, who admits to feeling a bit naked without a pair of binoculars and a magnifying glass hanging at her neck.


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