All the Steps a Whole Life Needs (Innbundet)


Kristian S. Hæggernes

Norwegian title: Alle skrittene et helt liv krever
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2016
Pages: 136
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202509538
Overview Alle skrittene et helt liv krever

Autobiographical and surreal elements interact when Kristian Hæggernes writes about finding an abandoned infant outside his door, a boy who seems to grow several years older every night. The two of them live closely together throughout a week which is both usual and highly unusual. This impossible person, who perhaps is called Stig, stimulates reflections about possible pasts, presents and futures for his involuntary father-figure.

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Author Kristian S. Hæggernes

Kristian S. Hæggernes (b. 1972) saw his first collection of poetry The Weight of Falling Shadow published in 2004, and has since published a number of books within different genres. He has studied at the Writers Academy in Bergen, and works as a mentor for young writers at His poetry has been published in a number of magazines.
Hæggernes is currently a member of the Norwegian literary council.

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