Finnskogen 1-3 (Heftet)

Series: Folket på Finnskogen 


Britt Karin Larsen

Norwegian title: Det vokser et tre i Mostamägg, Himmelbjørnens skog, Som steinen skinner. 3 romaner i 1 utgave.
Binding: Heftet
Year: 2013
Pages: 768
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Originaltittel: Det vokser et tre i Mostamägg
Series: Folket på Finnskogen
ISBN/EAN: 9788202388256
Overview Det vokser et tre i Mostamägg, Himmelbjørnens skog, Som steinen skinner. 3 romaner i 1 utgave.

Come back in time with us, and meet the cast out bear hunter Taneli and the survivor Lina in a story you will never forget.

In the borderlands between Norwegian Hedmark and Swedish Värmland in the 19th century, we meet the ethnic minority of the Wood-Finns. Lina is wandering the woods with a new-born baby in her arms. She meets Taneli, a loner feared by society because of a murder he supposedly has committed. Together they try to build a life.
We also get to know the other Finns in the area, like the drunkard Oluf, the witch Kaisa and the beautiful Hilda. In a ravishing, raw, tender and at times deeply moving way, Britt Karin Larsen tell the tale about the fight to survive and the bonds to nature that Lina, Taneli and the others collect strength and life from. The author gives the Forrest Finn-culture a voice, and she does it with tender intensity and great respect.

This edition contains: There is a Tree Growing in Mostamägg, The Forrest of the Sky Bear and As the Stone Shines. This collected edition of the 3 first books in the series has had a print run of over 15.000 copies in Norway.

´Is this relevant for the Danish readers? After I have read book two and three in the series the answer is yes. Britt Karin Larsens family chronic about the Finnish migrators, that 500 years ago took residence in areas so wooded that the settlers had to literaly chop and burn their way there, has a rare fascination. This is because of the writers ability to combine the description of poverty and discrimination with the joy of living, human stubborness and the depiction of love for nature.´

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... vakker og grusom, lågmælt og høgdramatisk
Martha Norheim, NRK

Andre utgaver

Det vokser et tre i Mostamägg
Bokmål Innbundet 2009
Reviews Det vokser et tre i Mostamägg, Himmelbjørnens skog, Som steinen skinner. 3 romaner i 1 utgave.

Som steinen skinner:

«Den tredje boken om folket på Finnskogen er minst like gripende og stilsikker som de to foregående […] jeg er overbevist om at Britt Karin Larsen fortjener minst én litteraturpris for denne serien.»

Anne Schäffer, TARA

Det vokser et tre i Mostamägg:

«Nok en fengslende og lærerik bok av Britt Karin Larsen.»

Berit Kobro, VG

Himmelbjørnens skog:

«Larsen har skrevet nok en vakker og klok roman […] Jeg blir beveget som leser […] Psykologiske portretter er noe hun behersker, Britt Karin Larsen. […] Mer!»

Anne Cathrine Straume, NRK P2

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Author Britt Karin Larsen

Britt Karin Larsen (1945–) has written poetry, books for children, documentary books and novels. Her first published work was the 1978 collection of poetry 5 mg blues og andre dikt. She is reknowned for her Gypsy trilogy, and her historic novels about the life of people in the wooded area of Finnskogen in Norway.

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