Your Will Be Done (Innbundet)

A Childhood with Charismatic Christianity


Anne-Britt Harsem

Norwegian title: Din vilje skje
Norwegian subtitle: En oppvekst med karismatisk kristendom
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2023
Pages: 208
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Originaltittel: Din vilje skje
ISBN/EAN: 9788202771478
Kategori: Narrative Non-fiction
Overview Din vilje skje

Anne-Britt Harsem approaches the free churches in Norway to uncover the neglect, manipulation, and conspiracy theories (brainwashing) which children and teenagers are exposed to.

This story is based on conversations with a woman who at a young age was pulled into the Pentecostal environment against her will. The day-to-day consisted of revival meetings, doomsday prophecies, physical punishments, speaking in tongues, spirit and demon exorcism to mention a few. A gifted child who spent all her energy on surviving.

This book uncovers what goes on behind the scenes in some of these closed congregations. Norwegian free churches have essentially been protected, despite several children being exposed to neglect in these environments. The story shows what kind of power the preachers have over the congregation, what kind of damage this can cause on a young mind, and how it can affect your life as an adult. The children risk developing post-traumatic stress disorder, which causes poorer quality of life and in the worst cases disabilities as an adult.

A quietly insisting and upsetting book about a person who spent all their power daring to live.

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Author Anne-Britt Harsem

Anne-Britt Harsem (born 1961) is the author of Mammas svik (Mum’s Betrayal, 2013) and the Alvdal trilogy. She works on a freelance basis for the office of the County Governor of Oslo and Viken as a temporary guardian during the facilitated questioning of children and young people.

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