Hunting the Serial Abuser (Innbundet)


Anne-Britt Harsem

Norwegian title: Jakten på en serieovergriper
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2024
Pages: 192
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Originaltittel: Jakten på en serieovergriper
ISBN/EAN: 9788202808228
Kategori: Narrative Non-fiction
Overview Jakten på en serieovergriper

Stine grows up in a small village in Western Norway. At home, her mother walks around with hearing protection to keep out the noises from her children. Child protection services try to help the dysfunctional family.

One night, Stine logs online on the phone that she was gives for her eleventh birthday, and sets up a profile on a chat site. For the first time, she experiences positive attention. Some weeks later she writes in the group: «What is the least painful way to die?». Before admin can delete the message, the eleven-year-old gets a response: «You're not allowed to leave this world before you get to know me. Everything will be ok, I promise.»

The man presents himself as Otto. A man of thirty-seven from Eastern Norway. After some months of contact, Otto travels across the mountains to visit Stine. It's the start of a nightmare of abuse which will continue for years. The psychic power the man holds over the little girl is ruthlessly depicted by author Anne-Britt Harsem. Stine was afraid of Otto, she felt shame and guilt, while simultaneously being addicted to him and caring for him. He placed her in an impossible situation.

Many years later, Stine sees a picture of Otto in the paper. He's at a concert, standing all the way up front by the stage, surrounded by kids. She understands he can have other victims than her. And that she must stop him.

The roles have flipped: For two years she hunts the serial abuser, collecting evidence to take to the police. The investigation uncovers many more victims, and thanks to Stine the police is able to arrest the man, press charges and get him convicted.

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Reviews Jakten på en serieovergriper

Rystende om norsk serieovergriper 16.01.2024

Anne-Britt Harsem har skrevet en bok du umulig kan legge fra deg uberørt.

Arild Rønsen, Nettavisen

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Author Anne-Britt Harsem

Anne-Britt Harsem (born 1961) is the author of Mammas svik (Mum’s Betrayal, 2013) and the Alvdal trilogy. She works on a freelance basis for the office of the County Governor of Oslo and Viken as a temporary guardian during the facilitated questioning of children and young people.

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