Maradona’s Moral (Innbundet)

Series: Mikke Milnbergan 3


Arild Stavrum

Norwegian title: Maradonas moral
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2015
Pages: 160
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Serienummer: 3
ISBN/EAN: 9788202455637
Age: 10 - 12
Overview Maradonas moral

It is the Norway Cup and football tournament. Ekebergsletta is full to bursting with hopeful football players. Mikke is taking part wearing Maradona's magic football boots. The ones that once made Maradona the best football player ever. With them Mikke is a superstar on the pitch, but still, all is not as it should be.

Will success cost Mikke his friends and girlfriend? And will we finally find out who is the better player out of Mikke and his rival Sondre Goma from Clausenengen and Nordlandet?

Maradonas moral is the third book in the trilogy about Mikke Milnbergan and his friends.

‘This is a book about passion and dreams, about wanting to be the best. And the latter is something that Stavrum does very well indeed. The games are described well, the nerve of the players clearly depicted. Maradonas moral will make old football legends dream of the old days, and young hopefuls have another go with the ball in the garden. Young football players will love this book, and little is better than that.’

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Reviews Maradonas moral

Spennende om magiske fotballsko

"Dette er en bok om lidenskap og drømmer, om ønsket om å bli best. Og akkurat den biten gjør Stavrum på mesterlig vis. Kampene er godt skildret, nerven solid til stede. Maradonas moral vil få gamle fotballhelter til å drømme om gamle dager, og unge håpefulle til å gå ut og ta en ekstra runde med lærkula i hagen. Unge fotballspillere vil elske denne boken, og få ting er bedre enn det."

Anders Holstad Lilleng, Demokraten

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Author Arild Stavrum

Arild Stavrum (1972–) is a former professional football player and football coach. He has played for Brann, Molde and Stabæk in Tippeligaen (Norwegian professional league), Helsingborg in Sweden, Aberdeen in Scotland and Besiktas in Turkey.
Former Norwegian champion, Swedish champion, top goal scorer and striker of the year in Sweden, number 2 top goal scorer in Scotland. He has also coached at top level and has the highest coaching qualification in Europe – the UEFA Pro Licence.

Stavrum now has taken a break from football to pursue a new dream: writing. Debuted with the novel 31 år på gress (2008), followed by Golden Boys in (2012), which has been translated into Danish and English. He then wrote the non-fiction book En sommer med fotball in 2013. The same year saw the publication of his first children’s book, Maradonas magi. This was followed by Maradonas mål in 2014 and Maradonas moral in April 2015.

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