Jon Øystein Flink

Norwegian title: Mord i oppgangen
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2014
Pages: 192
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202439866
Kategori: Mystery and Crime
Overview Mord i oppgangen

Murder in the Stairwell (Mord i oppgangen) is Jon Øystein Flink's fourth novel and seventh publication. The protagonist in the book is a nameless crime writer living a half dissolute and half predictable life in the capital. He is married and expecting a child with his somewhat more successful VG journalist wife, Kristin. When he finds a body in the stairwell of a friend's building in Oslo city centre, his life changes dramatically and the borders between fiction and reality start to blur. But the nameless protagonist uses all his wit and imagination to help the somewhat reluctant police force find the murderer.

Crime was quite possibly the only genre Jon Øystein Flink hadn't got involved with. And considering the success he's had with his other books, it won't come as a surprise that the thrilling crime of Murder in the Stairwell will be both successful and widely discussed.

‘Original and consistently entertaining writing from Flink. If this is only the first of many books, then I very much look forward to a follow-up. This paves the way for a lot of fun in the future.’

‘Jon Øystein Flink’s hard-boiled trip of a crime parody is memorably energetic.’

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Reviews Mord i oppgangen

Flink annerledeskrim

Flink skriver hele veien underholdende, og er en original forfatter.Om dette bare er en bok av flere, så sier jeg ja takk til fortsettelsen.For her ligger det an til mye moro fremover.

Lars Weberg, Fredriksstad Blad

Kødd noir

Jon Øystein Flinks hardkokte trip av en krimparodi er på sitt beste minneverdig energisk.

Bernhard Ellefsen , Morgenbladet

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Author Jon Øystein Flink

Jon Øystein Flink (1976–) made his literary début in 2003 with the novel Ole-Kristian Oksrød (Ole-Kristian Oksrød). Last year he wrote the novel Bort med den dagen da Jón ble født (Away With the Day that Jón was Born).

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