Ole-Kristian Oksrød (Innbundet)


Jon Øystein Flink

Norwegian title: Ole-Kristian Oksrød
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2003
Pages: 172
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202231156
Overview Ole-Kristian Oksrød

"Ole-Kristian could not explain what had happened. It was never Ole-Kristian´s intention to let Anton Bruckner pass Gustav Mahler. On the contrary, he was rooting for Gustav and was very happy to have him in the lead, but then ... still, Gustav was down to second place, and Ole-Kristian watched with wonder how the new leader very surprisingly had moved from seventh to second place, and then on the finishing line, very cheekily snuck past Gustav without him noticing. It was cheeky. Rude..."

The rich, fat Bjørn Pedersen desperately needs to poop. The pretty TV-star Frøydis Pedersen desperatly need to pee. But they are both unable to use the toilet at the Oslo Central Station due to the fact they do not have any coins. While they are standing on the outside of the toilets suffering, the main character of the novel is already sitting in one of the stalls, passing time by doing anything but emptying his bladder or bowels.

This it the starting point of the novel Ole-Kristian Oksrød and his meeting and confrontation with the capital of Oslo, with academia and the challenges of art music/contemporary music in pop cultural Norway, with art and capitalism, Red Front and the well being of the ultra radicals long after the 70´s, with the women and family, but most of all the meetings and confrontations with himself and his own role in all of this.

Ole-Kristian Oksrød is serious, humoristic, weird, poetic, beautiful and thrilling. This novel is the debut of Jon Øystein Flink.

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Author Jon Øystein Flink

Jon Øystein Flink (1976–) made his literary début in 2003 with the novel Ole-Kristian Oksrød (Ole-Kristian Oksrød). Last year he wrote the novel Bort med den dagen da Jón ble født (Away With the Day that Jón was Born).

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