Restraint (Heftet)


Stig Sæterbakken

Norwegian title: Selvbeherskelse
Binding: Heftet
Year: 2014
Pages: 176
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Originaltittel: Selvbeherskelse
ISBN/EAN: 9788202453794
Overview Selvbeherskelse

Andreas Feldt meets his oldest daughter, Marit, to take care of a financial matter. It has been years since they last saw each other. Seeing her again brings him out of balance, and in a confused moment he tells the daughter that he is divorcing her mother. This impulsive lie does not only destroy the conversation with the daughter, but also put doubt in his own mind about his own existence, shaped by routine and the people around him. A glaring suspicion awakens. It is like he has a blind spot in his memory. Is there something he has forgotten, something he does not want to, or is not capable of remembering? Restraint (Selvbeherskelse) can be read as a burlesque comedy and a dark tragedy.

"Stig Sæterbakkens Restraint is a intensely exploring novel. That people loose self control happens all the time. And you are supposed to have certain feelings. But what if restraint is the only think keeping you from loosing your mind? (...) With his fourth novel Sæterbakken envisions his abilities to describe some of the least graspable aspects of human existence. Stig Sæterbakken himself appears as an insightful, independent and artistically reflected novel writer, with a book that you can only congratulate him on writing."

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Reviews Selvbeherskelse

Stig Sæterbakkens nye bok, "Selvbeherskelse" er en intenst utforskende roman. At folk mister beherskelsen skjer ofte. Og man skal jo vise følelser. Men hva når selvbeherskelsen er det eneste som hindrer en fra å miste forstanden? (...) Med sin fjerde roman anskueliggjør Sæterbakken sine evner til å skildre noen av de vanskeligste gripbare sidene ved menneskelivet. Selv framstår Stig Sæterbakken som en innsiktsfull, selvstendig og kunstnerisk reflektert romanforfatter med en bok man bare kan gratulere ham med.

Terje Holtet Larsen, Dagbladet

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Author Stig Sæterbakken

Stig Sæterbakken (1966-2012) was one of Norway's most critically acclaimed authors. His books have been compared to works by artists such as Beckett, Bernhard and Polanski. Sæterbakken's novels often explore the inner life and morality of human beings. A darkness looms in his stories, and yet they are written in a brilliant language.

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