Close up: Life under water (Innbundet)

Series: Tett på 


Jannicke Wiik-Nielsen, Dag O. Hessen og Line Renslebråten

Norwegian title: Tett på livet i vann
Author: , og
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2023
Pages: 143
Publisher: Fontini Forlag
Språk: Bokmål
Series: Tett på
ISBN/EAN: 9788283731859
Kategori: Children's Books
Age: 7 - 12
Overview Tett på livet i vann

See life under water with completely new eyes in this non-fiction book for the whole family! See pictures like you've never seen before - look a tadpole in the eyes, or take a look at their teeth. The unique images are magnified up to 15,000 times through a special technique. Here you will learn how jellyfish poop, and how crabs talk to each other. If you dare, get close and familiar with their claws! Did you know that crabs both smell and taste with their claws? Or that there are crabs who can climb trees? Or that some shrimp actually brush fish teeth? Incredibly, tiny zooplankton found in the North Sea, no bigger than a grain of rice, can form swarms so large they can be seen from space. And did you know that there are animals without heads? They are not as scary as you might think: Starfish are one of them. You've probably seen them, but hardly as close up as you can here...

The pictures were taken in a very special microscope by researcher and scientist Jannicke Wiik-Nielsen. She has won photography awards for her pictures, and the texts are written in collaboration with Dag O. Hessen and Line Renslebråten, renowned communicators of nature science for both children and adults. This is a beautiful book full of facts that the whole family will enjoy. In addition to the special pictures, there are drawings of frogs, fish and crabs as we are used to seeing them.

An exciting and educational book about an important and contemporary topic. A fact book that takes children's curiosity seriously.


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Author Jannicke Wiik-Nielsen

Dag O. Hessen is a Professor of Biology at the University of Oslo. He has written many scientific works on themes like ecology and evolution. He has also published ten popular science books about evolution, biology and the environment. His work is found at the crossroads of biology and philosophy. He has received several awards for his promotion of popular science, among them the Riksmålsprisen in 2008.

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