Sultne gutter
© Foto: Gitte Paulsbo / Nora Creatives

Sultne gutter

Sultne Gutter (Hungry Boys) started as an Instagram account in 2019 where Ole Kristian Samuelsen and Magnus Liøkel shared recipes that would result in a rapid growth of followers. Today they host their own tv-series on the food channel Matkanalen and has launched a new digital takeaway restaurant.

Ole Kristian Samuelsen (b.1993) in The far north of Norway. He has had a career with the boy band Ekko Ekko and studied finance at the Norwegian Business School.

Magnus Liøkel is (b. 1989) in Kongsvinger. He studied law and worked as a lawyer for the Norwegian Armed Forces before he moved to Oslo and started working as a content writer.

Ole and Magnus met in Oslo during spring 2017, where they now live together.