ADA (Innbundet)


Odd Klippenvåg

Norwegian title: Ada
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2014
Pages: 160
Illustrator: Cahn, Miriam
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202451691
Kategori: Literature and Fiction
Overview Ada

Winner of the Riksmål Society Literature Prize 2014

It's 1955. A young man named Paul comes to a little island community in the far north of Norway to be a substitute teacher for a year. Ada is a cleaner at the school and mother to a girl in the class he teaches. Ada was born with a large and disfiguring birth mark which she tries to hide by always wearing a headscarf.

Little by little Paul gets to know Ada and her daughter. He helps them with herding sheep and ploughing on their little farm. Paul is attracted to Ada despite her appearance, and even though
she is several years older than him. He is able to see another Ada behind the veil, a strong and remarkable woman, and for this reason she is beautiful to him. He finally manages to break through her shyness. He sees her without her headscarf and they start a relationship that they have to hide from everyone.

Several years later, he is retired and on a car trip in the same area with his much younger wife, who he hasn't told anything about his past.

Ada is a moving novel set in the magnificent landscape of Northern Norway. A classic love story about a mismatched couple, fate and nature, profundity and superficiality, despair and shame.

Depiction of both the characters and environment is great. Klippenvåg uses his own local knowledge and paints a vivid picture of Lofoten. We envision the small, roadless, rural community and its beautiful surroundings where everyone looks after and watches each other. The quality of the novel is primarily due to the language. Klippenvåg uses very polished and eloquent language.’

‘Ada could easily have become a melodramatic and banal novel with a tried-and-tested yet overused theme. But Odd Klippenvåg’s form and language raises this book to something gripping, believable and beautiful. This is because the narrator – using slightly old-fashioned yet mouldable language – never falls victim to speculative descriptions or hyper-sentimental portrayals. And the astonishing and surprising conclusion of the story gives Ada a gravity that makes it well worth reading.’

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Reviews Ada

"Både person- og miljøskildringen er god. Klippenvåg bruker sin egen lokalkunnskap og gir oss en malende skildring fra Lofoten. Vi ser for oss det lille veiløse bygdesamfunnet i vakre omgivelser, og der alle passer på og vokter hverandre. Kvaliteten på romanen skyldes først og fremst språket. Klippenvåg har et svært polert og velformulert språk."

Margoth Hovda-Lien, Nordlys

Enkelt, vakkert, usentimentalt

"Ada kunne lett ha blitt en melodramatisk og banal roman med et velprøvet og overforbrukt tema. Men Odd Klippenvågs form og språk hever den sidemagre boka til gripende, troverdig og vakker litteratur. Dette fordi fortellerstemmen i en lett alderdommelig, men plastisk språkdrakt aldri henfaller til spekulative beskrivelser eller hypersentimentale skildringer. At forfatteren dessuten avrunder beretningen med en forbløffende og overraskende avslutning, gir Ada en tyngde som gjør den vel verdt å lese."

Finn Stenstad, Lofotposten

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Author Odd Klippenvåg

Odd Klippenvåg (1951–) is an acclaimed writer. Since his debut in 1978, he has published a long line of novels and collections of short stories - most of them highly regarded by the critics.

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