I skyggen av Eiliv (Innbundet)


Odd Klippenvåg

Norwegian title: I skyggen av Eiliv
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2022
Pages: 224
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202759650
Kategori: Literature and Fiction
Overview I skyggen av Eiliv

Magnus has been divorced for a long time, after acknowledging that he is homosexual. When his ex-father-in-law, Eiliv, dies, memories are brought back, especially those connected to Eiliv’s house where his ex-wife grew up. This novel is a journey in and around a man’s journey to find himself, where Eiliv’s house becomes an important place for many of the people in Magnus’ life.

Odd Klippenvåg has written an explorative and open novel. He writes with a finely tuned language and digs deep into who we are and how we live.

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Author Odd Klippenvåg

Odd Klippenvåg (1951–) is an acclaimed writer. Since his debut in 1978, he has published a long line of novels and collections of short stories - most of them highly regarded by the critics.

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