Fifteen years (Innbundet)


Vigdis Hjorth

Norwegian title: Femten år. Den revolusjonære våren
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2022
Pages: 192
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202762735
Overview Femten år. Den revolusjonære våren

Vigdis Hjorth has written a stunning and insightful book about one of the most important events in a human’s life – becoming an adult and growing independent, even when it hurts others.

There is a rhythm in Paula’s life – the meals at the table at home, going skiing in the wilderness with hot toddy and icy breath, the summers at the cabin in Østfold, raspberry bushes and cold-water swimming, the visits to grandma on the West Coast – a rhythm which offers her safety and clarity throughout her childhood. Mother, father, sister, and brother in their little house are the most important people in her life. And then there is Karen, her best friend.

The calm is shattered the summer that Paula discovers the pile of letters her mother has written to grandma. The life her mother describes in the letters is unrecognisable: It says her sister Elisabet performed well in her exams, while in reality she failed them; it says that Elisabet sung a solo at the Christmas recital, which she did not; and it says that the father has been promoted to the head of his office. Paula is barely mentioned.

Her mother’s pretense is a shock to Paula, who is now surrounded by the lies of an adult’s making. How should she relate to her mother? Who can she be in the family now? Paula is on the edge of becoming a teenager, and the world is opening up before her as both a terrible and wonderful place. She doesn’t want to believe in the god her mother pretends she believes in. She doesn’t want to start lying about her life.

Vigdis Hjorth once again writes about a young life, like she’s done previously in amongst others the novel Third Person Singular, even if Paula’s life is significantly different from Hulda Kråkefjær’s. The portrayal of Paula’s childhood and youth may also bring your thoughts to the powerful childhood depictions of Tove Ditlevsen and Tove Jansson. We believe this novel will be read with great joy for many decades. A future classic.



«... a beautiful coming-of-age novel about existenstial anxiety and the rebellion against conventions.»
Dagbladet *****

«... this will go straight to the heart to most who has once been 15 years old.»
Adresseavisen *****

«The language is also unmistakably Hjorthian where it trickles away like a steep stream during the spring thaw.»
BT, *****

«... a riveting story.»
Stavanger Aftenblad, *****

«What everyone wants to know, of course, is if this is Hjorth at her best. Yes, I think this is Hjorth at her best.»

«When it comes down to it, Vigdis Hjorth knows how to write atmosphere and family relations.»

«Hjorth is not afraid to appear heartfelt when she's describing the moment where a teenager discovers that the world is not only wonderful, but also difficult.»

«... the author is in complete control of the language, the rhythm, the repetitions and iterations and everything that creates energy – in contrast to calmer, lighter sections, especially situations where Paula seeks and communicates with the nature around her.»

«Fifteen years is [Vigdis Hjorth's] most well-written novel yet.»

«Vigdis Hjorth does it again.»
Information, Denmark

«Fifteen Years in all its deft brevity (188 pages, not a word too much, not a word too little) is simultaneously a fully developed portrait of a girl and an existential novel about finding one's own core. It is all written with a linguistic excess that makes every sentence shine with prosaic care, and on almost every page Vigdis Hjorth trumps through points or formulations that are worth dwelling on.»
Weekendavisen, Denmark

«Vigdis Hjorth once again succeeds at depicting existential issues so that it hurts, but with a characteristic humor that characterizes the authorship.»
Litteratursiden, Denmark

«On the list of recommended books that dig and gnaw at the eternally fascinating mind of a young girl, one can safely write Vigdis Hjorth's novel about Paula.»
Politiken, Denmark

«... Vigdis Hjort's gaze at the family as an institution is exactly as penetrating as it usually is, and she mercilessly peels away all the notions and narratives that we falsely and painstakingly
build around us.»
Kristeligt Dagblad, Denmark

«The trump card of the novel is that Vigdis Hjorth has made her protagonist extremely reflective about her positioning in the family landscape. Along the way, she fights a silent struggle for liberation to become an independent young woman through gifted musings and considerations. It is written so convincingly that as a reader I was completely absorbed by the reality that unfolds inside the mind of a very young woman.»
Berlingske, Denmark

«Vigdis Hjorth writes with an unusual nerve and intensity.»
Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

«SO INTENSELY mundane is life in the first thirty pages of the novel that it is barely possible to breathe»
ETC, Sweden

«Vigdis Hjorth's new novel Fifteen Years may be one of her strongest»
FOKUS, Sweden

Norrländska Socialdemokraten, Sweden

«It's so cleverly done. Vigdis Hjorth has never been better than she is in Fifteen Years
Barometern, Sweden

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Reviews Femten år. Den revolusjonære våren

Et forsvarsskrift for sannheten 29.08.2022

«Språket er også umiskjennelig hjortsk der det sildrer avgårde som en bratt bekk under vår-smeltingen»

«Vigdis Hjorth er en mester i å skildre den indre flammen»

Johannes Grytnes, Bergens Tidende

Den løgnaktige familie 22.08.2022

«... en medrivende fortelling»

Jan Askelund, Stavanger Aftenblad

Tar et oppgjør med mors hvite løgner 18.08.2022

«... dette vil gå rett i hjertet på de fleste som en gang har vært 15 år.»

«Hun har en spesiell evne til å formidle sårbarheten og dedikasjonen til de yngste tenåringene»

«Det er en øm og fin historie som formidles, med finstemte virkemidler.»

Ole Jacob Hoel, Adresseavisen

Å være ung er for jævlig 16.08.2022

«... en nydelig oppvekstroman om eksistensiell angst og opprør mot konvensjoner.»

«... en mester i å formidle hva som skjer i unge menneskers hoder og hjerter.»

Inger Bentzrud, Dagbladet

Poetisk opprør fra Vigdis Hjorth

«En frigjøringsroman om «å finne seg sjæl» kunne ikke vært gjort mer elegant enn Vigdis Hjorths Femten år. Den revolusjonære våren.»

Tove Andersson, Minervanett

Det er et sorgarbeid å leve 19.08.2022

«Femten år er hennes mest velskrevne roman.»

«Dette er silkefin prosa demonstrert.»

Carina Elisabeth Beddari, Morgenbladet

Gi meg de brennende hjerter! 16.08.2022

«Bærer Vigdis Hjorths stempel»

«Samtidig liker jeg boken så godt!»

«Ja, dette er en klassisk Hjorth-roman.»

Anne Cathrine Straume,

Familien som giftig kopimaskin 16.08.2022

«Det alle lurer på, er selvsagt om dette er Hjorth på sitt beste. Ja, mener jeg, dette er Hjorth på sitt beste.»

«Vittig og vakkert.»

«Jeg ble helt øm inni meg av denne romanen.»

Mari Grydeland, Aftenposten

Ungt opprør fra Vigdis Hjorth 16.08.2022

«I det hele vet Vigdis Hjorth å skildre stemning og familierelasjoner.»

«Mange i Vigdis Hjorth store leserskare vil glede seg over også denne romanen.»

«... språket er vakkert, og innlevelsesevne observasjoner langs Paulas vei har hjorthsk kvalitet.»

Guri Hjeltnes, VG

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Author Vigdis Hjorth

Vigdis Hjorth (1959–) has made an exciting literary career and has written many popular books for both children and adults. Today she is an awardwinning author and one of Norway's most interesting, contemporary writers.

She has won a number of prizes and awards, amongst them: The Gyldendal Prize in 2011, the Critics Award in 2012, The Honorary Brage Award and the Amalie Skram Award in 2014, The Aschehoug Award in 2015 and the Booksellers Prize in 2016.

Her books have been published in 30 countries.

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